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Our law firm provides legal services - among others - in the following fields. The fields and the activities are not fully listed. Please do not hesitate to turn to us with any kind of legal problems and having learnt about the case we can give you a quotation regarding the legal representation. In case we are not able to carry out the representation for any reason, we will recommend an experienced colleague.

Criminal law

The attorney specialised in criminal law in our firm has got decades of experience and practice in this field.
Our activity during the legal representation in criminal cases:
Consultation, counselling, setting up defence strategy, information about concerning legislation;
Representation of accused and aggrieved party in all stages of criminal procedure before investigating authorities, prosecution and court;
Legal representation during sentence;
Representation in minor offence cases;
Writing and filing denouncement;
Civil claim management in criminal procedures;
Representation of witness;
Representation in private action;
Representation of aggrieved party in substitute legal action.

Family law, heritage law

Legal representation in divorce cases, and in lawsuits regarding rights in property arising out of a matrimonial relationship, and child custody;
Drafting of prenuptial agreements;
Representation in probate proceedings and inheritance lawsuits;
Drafting inheritance contracts.

Property law

Drafting contracts on property sales, gift, rent, and other property management issues;
Drafting mortgage contracts;
Drafting and amendment of articles of association, organisational and operational regulations and policies;
Land Registry procedures;
Legal representation in property related lawsuits (such as invalidation of contracts).

Company law

Drafting company documents for all types of firms for foundation and amendment; representation at registry court proceedings;
Legal advice and representation in connection with final accounting, bankruptcy proceedings, and liquidation proceedings.

Civil law

Proceedings connected to associations and foundations.

Public administration law

Legal representation in public administration proceedings (for example: building authority proceeding, protection of possession);
Representation in lawsuits claiming court revision of public administration decisions.

Foreclosure law

Enforcement of claims and legal representation in foreclosure proceedings aiming evacuation of property;
Filing foreclosure clause of notarial deeds;
Representation of mortgagees in foreclosure procedure;
Legal representation in lawsuits aiming non-suit or limitation of foreclosure.