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The old, well experienced attorney is called for advice on the phone.
- Unfortunately I can’t answer your question on the phone.
- Sir, you are so experienced, you must know the answer to such a simple question.
- I sure know the answer, however you cannot squeeze my fee into the phone.

Since the above situation a lot has changed. There are many attorneys and law firms who provide short answers free of charge to questions asked by e-mail. Our firm does not withdraw from such method of giving information, however we would like to note - as well as other colleagues do - that a question asked by a layman may not include all the necessary information regarding the case. Thus the possible lack of information may result in inappropriate information service and such exchange of letters cannot be considered as legal advice. We believe that without knowing all the circumstances and documentation of a case, no reliable legal advice can be given. Giving legal advice forms part of the activity of a law firm as much as document drafting and litigation. Legal activities are charged for, which provides income for the law firm that covers our costs, the salary of our colleagues and the maintenance of the office. Occasionally we provide pro bono service for free to those in need, however we charge for our work as a principle.

As for the legal costs there is no provision in Hungary, client and attorney can freely negotiate the charges that are also influenced by the market. When setting the costs the difficulty, complexity and the time necessary for the representation are also taken into account together with the financial value of the case if it can be established. We find it crucial that our clients find the suggested charges proportionate with our activity, as this is the key to the service agreement. Before concluding an appointment, substantial information is given about the costs foreseen and the method of their calculation and expected expenses, as our future client can only make a well-founded decision based on all the above knowledge.