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About us

The professional capability of our colleagues makes us able to provide a high standard legal service to our clients on different fields. We litigate in many classical civil law cases, draft contracts on property sales and on other issues. Since the foundation of our office we have carried out legal representation both on the creditors’ and the debtors’ side in court, non-contentious and foreclosure proceedings aiming at the enforcement of claims. More details about our activities can be found under the field menu.

The office was founded by dr. Zsolt Fórizs supervising attorney in 2003. He spent four years working for another law firm before setting up his own. Previously in the 1990s he was a civil servant and held the position of notary in a local government for five years.

Fórizs Law Firm has been operating on its seat uninterruptedly since the beginning of 2004. Currently three attorneys, two paralegals, and three legal assistants work for the firm.

Dr Sándor Barta attorney specialised in criminal law cases has gained decades of experience and practice in criminal law.

There are private clients, micro and small enterprises as well as well-known multinational companies. It is crucial for us that each of our clients receives high standard legal service independently from the type of case, or the charges.

Before accepting an appointment for legal representation before court and authorities, our client is always informed about the chances of winning the case, about the expected duration of the procedure and the foreseen costs involved, as well as the chances of their recovery. Possessing all this information our clients can decide whether it in their interest to appoint our law firm for their legal representation.

In the ten years since the foundation several financial institutes and local governments have become our client. We can proudly say that we do not only deal with individual cases, but have ongoing, long term cooperation with our partners